Sunday, April 6, 2008


This is the "Mouchette" movie poster thingy >:P pfft
it's due this week... i'll get it done ^_^

I'm still trying to get used to this picture posting thing....
anyway me and my mom watched Cinderella together last night XD
made me laugh hahaha
and she made Hoeddoek it was yummmyyy :d yay and my uncle came over and made everyone laugh and fixed the computer.. -finally- my brother ruined it with viruses >:P
okay i'm writing too much sometimes I can't stop @_@
oh ! soo that's my mom :] I don't really like that picture but whatevaaaa
and that's my kitchen behind her

I love my park visits..........
I went yesterday to play tennis with Wonwoo and to do my homework! lol
I ended up sitting on top of some.. uhh something and 4 dogs just came up to me and started to sniff my face my ears my paper and paints lol they were so cute! i had to hold the paper up so they wouldn't eat it hahaha i loove dogs
the owners came and apologized but i'm so happy they were curious haha big dogs XP

these two kids started looking at my watercolor and was guessing what it was and some kids like "ITS THE PARK" then they ran off to play spiderman. lol i miss my childhood :} it was a good childhood. i miss the flowers in my backyard. and my giant trees. and family time. i miss wishing to be taller. and i miss my crazy play imagination.
The kids were running around in circles screaming "AHHH it got me!!" "Stop! I'm still octo you're spiderman!" "Okay! So now I EAT you!" lool made me laugh
I'm getting pretttyy good at tennis ;]

I can't wait until Italy.. but i'm nervous for some reason!!!

I'll learn how to not.. uh write as much!
have a good week!